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I make my own rules.

With her first published fashion editorial being about a lesbian love story between a cowgirl and an alien, Angela Ferrero set the tone for what the rest of her creative career would look like. Not only for the political message, but for the sometimes unclear distinction between the disciplines of art and fashion in and of themselves.


Whether it’s through the concept of the project, the origin of the garments or the models’ own backstory, she has made it her mission to bring these relevant messages to light in one way or another.


Born in Madrid, Spain with roots in California, Angela had already tried her hand at art and its many forms long before she discovered her affinity for fashion.

A wild child at heart, she dedicated most of her adolescence working on her own projects, in the fields of photography, poetry and music. Otherwise, she was taking to the streets for animal rights, feminism and the LGBT+ movement. As both a feminist and a member of the LGBT+ community, it came as no surprise that these particular experiences would eventually seep into her work.


Ironically, it was while studying fashion at IED Madrid where she realized that, in her mind, there was never really any distinction between fashion and art. And what at first seemed like a difficult task- merging fashion and politics- became her obsession.


Nowadays, Angela keeps doing what she’s always been doing: speaking her mind.

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